Growing up, I was marinated in reverence. Now it is a primary theme of my image making, as well as the subject and title of this series of platinum metal portfolios. This first portfolio in the series focuses on scenes of Hindu reverence.

With this portfolio, I celebrate the deep reverence that can be found in India…despite and within the frenetic hubbub generated by its 1.3 billion people. I focus on scenes of reverence for two Hindu deities:

  • Ganga personifies the Ganges River, which is holy water for Hindus. Sadhus perform sacred rituals on her banks, bath in her blessed waters. Millions of devotees experience her spiritual cleansing on a daily basis. Millions more make special pilgrimages to do so.
  • Krishna, revered for compassion, tenderness and love, is the focal point of the Holi festival. The festival is intensely reverent for many participants. At the same time, Holi is a riot of celebratory fun, as devotees throw and rub multi-toned powders and liquids on themselves and one another.

The reverence in these scenes is matched by the printing process I’ve chosen: the platinotype, a nineteenth century method in which the image is formed by fine platinum metal particles embedded in the paper, essentially permanently. Master print maker Allen McKinney created the prints.

This gallery consists of photographs of the individually handmade platinum prints that make up the portfolio. Note the debossed region surrounding each image, the embossed printer's mark in the lower corner and the deckled lower edge of the sheet.

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